April Playlist 2017

HAPPY APRIL, EVERYONE! Since April is known for the dreary weather, I decided to make a cozy playlist that sounds like you should be sitting in a very tastefully decorated french café next to a window, glossed with beaded rain cradling a cup of your favorite coffee beverage in your hand.

That's about as perfectly as I could explain that.

I've always been drawn to jazz, and here are some of my favorite songs right now by a variety of older and newer artists!


If you are interested in having these songs in your own music library, here are the links to purchase and download!

1.) Crazy Now - Aerial East

2.) Last Night I Prayed - Flo Perlin

3.) La Javanaise - Madeleine Peyroux

4.) Dream a Little Dream of Me - Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

5.) On the Sentimental Side - Bing Crosby

6.) I Used to Be Colour Blind - Fred Astaire

7.) You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me - Bing Crosby & Guy Lambardo & His Royal Canadians

8.) The Object of My Affection - The Boswell Sisters

9.) Need Me Too - Aerial East

10.) Petit Matin - Emilie-Claire Barlow