Drawing by  @_karen.goins_

Drawing by @_karen.goins_

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Bell Buckle

Bell Buckle

On Halloween, I decided to go on a little adventure. I used to love getting in my car and just driving until I come across something that caught my interest. I have always been a huge fanatic and lover of vintage and antique finds and only 20 minutes outside Murfreesboro, there is a town called Bell Buckle, Tennessee. No, not "belt buckle", even though that would be very fitting for one of the smallest towns in Tennessee. The population of this town is 512 and is the CUTEST place I've ever seen. The town was founded in 1852 and has kept its older charm since then.

Phillips' General Store

I was on a time crunch because I had to get back to my University so I could make it to class, so I didn't get to wander around as much as I wanted to. Phillips' General Store was the first place I went  when I got to the town. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by the aroma of apples and cinnamon and a very nice elderly man whom was very whimsical. After turning the corner around the front desk I found a vintage set up of Halloween treasures from the 1920's-1950's. 


VERY CREEPY. I swear back in the day, people did not play around when it came to trick-or- treating. I mean, look at that jack-o-lantern... it peers into your soul. 

I walked around more and, of course, ended up with my arms full of things that I really didn't need, but would make my heart happy and aesthetically fit perfectly in my bedroom. I have a problem, guys. I LOVE antiquing... way too much. I love vintage cameras, dolls, and especially black and white film photos. I am starting to collect old photos, but the thing is that the only ones that I like are ones that are humorous, or have really heartfelt letters on the back. 

This is one of the two photos I ended up taking home with me. The little girl on the front was so happy holding this box of chocolates and on the back, her mother wrote to her aunt telling her that if she didn't come soon that her daughter would have a better vocabulary than she did. 

This little general store quickly became my new basis for furnishing and decorating my apartment. I'm one of those people who loves to buy things and then just paint it all white, no matter what it is. Last week I gathered pine cones and painted them white and strung them on my wall... my aesthetic is grandma, and I'm okay with that. 

Okay after a bit of browsing and found my treasures to take home with me, I went up to the front of the store to find that I was the only one in the building. The little whimsical man was no where to be seen and I waited for about 25 minutes for him to come back. During those 25 minutes the building got really eerie with all of the antiques and Scott Joplin music playing throughout the store. I got pretty worried about the guy and wondered if he was upstairs or something, so I said at a louder volume "Hello?" about three times... nothing. I decided to call the store to maybe summon someone and, of course, they had one of the older phones that kind of makes you shudder every time the bells ring. I sat my goodies down at the desk and walked out to see everyones cars were gone too. 



I started getting really freaked out and started to walk towards my car, but then the owner comes around the corner and apparently had taken a phone call outside due to how he got bad service indoors. *phew* I was thinking the worst kind of things! After I bought my fabulous finds I headed over to this cute ice cream shop to grab a sandwich and a cold treat. 

Blue Bird Antiques/ Ice Cream Parlor

This little shop was so dreamy and was sort of a step inside the 1930's. As soon as I walked in this very nostalgically spoken boy greeted me and said to "holler if I need anything". The way he spoke was like a noir film and it was an oddly refreshing sound. I got a sandwich, root beer, and a scoop of cookies and creme ice cream! I love places that indulge in the vintage style and also play the music that compliments the atmosphere. 

After I left the town on the way back to Murfreesboro, I spotted the most BEAUTIFUL cemetery on the side of the rural road. I swerved, probably way too quickly, off the road and into the little gravel drive on the side of the road. I was way too excited to see this cemetery and little white church, but it's just me! The church was an abandoned Church of Christ denomination and was built in 1832... which I somehow got myself into. The door was held shut by one loose screw so I just kind of took it out and walked in. It was a very "walking dead" sort of church, and for it to be so still, the silence was booming. The outside of the church was surrounded by these trees which created the most beautiful orange leaves and coated the ground with lovely marigold. 


Inside the church...

Since it was Halloween, this little getaway was the perfect way to spend my afternoon! Also, I made it back to class in time, don't you worry!

Go out and explore!



Goldenrod Girl

Goldenrod Girl