Drawing by  @_karen.goins_

Drawing by @_karen.goins_

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Okay guys, I'm going to get real and personal here for a minute.

I have always struggled with the way my body has looked for most of my life. Who is a member of the "Itty bitty titty committee"? I should be the president of the dang thing. I have a bra size of 32a, and it took all the way up until last year to finally accept and love my size. All throughout middle school, high school, and sadly, even the first few years of college, I have been bullied for not having boobs. People used to tell me that if I, for some reason, had to take my shirt off, I could be mistaken for a young boy. People would always ask me where they went...and I never had them in the first place.

People suck sometimes. 

By listening to what everyone was saying about my body, it drowned out my own thoughts about myself. I truly believed that in order to be a woman you needed to have curves...


Gosh, if I based my womanhood by my breast size, then I'd never ever be a woman! I am flat chested and proud, because that's the way my body is made. And if you are a curvy girl you should be proud of your body, too! All bodies are uniquely beautiful. I met a woman once that fought the battle with breast cancer, and she won. She got to keep her life, but she had to trade it for her breasts. This woman had literally no breasts at all, but by golly she was one hell of a woman. You don't need breasts to be a woman, you need self-value and self-confidence.

I know it's easy to say to someone that they need to be confident, but I know as well as anyone that it's not a cakewalk to be confident in yourself. I've found that loving yourself is one of the hardest but most rewarding things one person can do; it took me so long to love myself. Once you find confidence in your mind, body, and soul, you'll find that you're basically unstoppable. Every body and everybody is beautiful, because that's how we are created. We are all beautiful creations in our own different ways, shapes, sizes, and colors. No one should ever be ashamed of themselves, because if we were all the same, then the world would be boring. We are what make this world interesting because of our differences. 

You are beautiful no matter what size, color, shape, race, religion, or sexual orientationyou may be. 

You were created that way, and that's what makes you beautiful.


With love,


Just your normal 4:00am blog post...

Just your normal 4:00am blog post...