Drawing by  @_karen.goins_

Drawing by @_karen.goins_

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Freezefest 3

Freezefest 3

 What is Freezefest, you may ask...

This past week was the third year that my wonderful friend, Nordista Freeze, hosted his annual Nashville DIY music festival, Freezefest. Freezefest lasted from April 18th till April 22nd and there were over one-hundred bands from Nashville and surrounding areas that performed. Each day of Freezefest hosted a different sort of genre, so one day was dedicated to folk singer/songwriters, one day was more for pop and electronic, ect. There was also an awesome conglomeration of twenty local artists and photographers who displayed their art, and the festival was located at Nashville's local dive, Phat Bites, on both an indoor and an outdoor stage. On April 18, the Tennessean (part of USA Today) featured Freezefest 3 in their 17 things to do in Nashville this weekend, April 21-23, 2017. Freezefest 3 charted #4 right under "Record Store Day". As the years go by, the annual festival is getting more and more publicity and more notoriety.

I asked Nordista Freeze, founder of Freezefest, why he wanted to start the festival and he replied:

I created the festival to help unify our community through a celebration of art. To create a moment that will be remembered forever. To take another step forward in bringing us together in a positive environment. To sow seeds of peace, hope, and love into the hearts of those I have encountered. Because heaven isn't a distant land, heaven is every time you love someone & I want to bring heaven to earth. It's my purpose & mission.

Who is this Nordista Freeze guy?

Photo:  Marcus Maddox

-Nordista's Newest Album Release-

Nordista Freeze is a very ambitious 20 year old Nashville native musician, singer/songwriter, and a student of Lipscomb University. Freeze is very dedicated to the Nashville music scene and always supports local artists with his presence of never-ceasing positivity and awesome dance moves. To be only 20 years old and to have created this incredibly successful festival with six months and only the money from his pocket, it's is amazing in it's own. The only money that was made through this festival were through tee-shirt sales, which the tee's were $10 each; on the last night they sold their very last one! Every person that I've ran into has had nothing but wonderful things to say about Freeze.  I can definitely see Freezefest being one of Nashville's next huge music festival right beside of Bonnaroo one day. I know I am one of the many people to be so excited to see what magical things Nordista does next year for Freezefest 4! What Nordista Freeze is doing for the Nashville music scene is incredible and we all love the bejeezus out of you, Freeze!




(Also, I managed to get this video of Nordista Freeze dangling from a plane decoration from the ceiling after he shimmied up a pole onto the ceiling. His set was awesome, and this was like the cherry to the Freezefest sundae.)  >>>







♡Here's something to help you through finals week♡

♡Here's something to help you through finals week♡

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Just Horsin' Around