Drawing by  @_karen.goins_

Drawing by @_karen.goins_

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♡Here's something to help you through finals week♡

♡Here's something to help you through finals week♡


It's the most stressful time of the year!!! Finals is upon us, everyone. The lovely event is inevitable, and there is sadly no escape... unless you just decide to dip out and not take it; I'm not your mom but I'd strongly advise against that! 

If you've ever been in college or have ever ventured to think what Hell could possibly be like, you can understand how terrible and draining finals are in every sense of the word. I know just as much as any student how terrible finals are, so here are some tips to make finals week a little less painful. ♡

7.) Remember, you're not alone

Dude, really though. Everyone is stressed af, but some people are much better at hiding it than others. Next time you're in Starbucks about to basically inject caffeine into your veins, strike up a conversation with the person behind you while you're waiting; they might be dealing with a heavier load than you and may need a nice mental break by chatting about something different than course work! It may be good for you too!

6.) Put that junk food down!

I know it's really difficult during your busy schedule to really think about nutrition, but this is the time when your body needs you and you need your body the most! Eating healthy can definitely make you perform better, so next time you go to Kroger, buy some bananas instead of easy mac!

5.) Unplug

Social media is great and all, but they can definitely be a huge distraction. Dank memes, cute cat videos, and the latest juicy gossip can wait until your studying is done! Sometimes I will delete my accounts for a few days or so when I feel overwhelmed, and if you haven't done that in a while, you'd be surprised at what you'll do with the time that you would usually use while scrolling through your social media accounts.

4.) Take a breather

Don't try to overwhelm yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, make a list of things you should do in chronological order of importance. Treat yourself with your favorite food, and maybe every hour and a half during studying, take a lovely and rewarding 15 minute break to yourself and calm your mind and maybe brew a cup of warm tea!


As a college student, an eight-hour sleep regiment is almost a foreign concept, but you NEED it. Take naps when you can, and even though your buddies are wanting you to come hang out, say no. (Don't worry, if they're your real pals, they'll understand and I promise that they won't think you're super lame.)

2.) Dress for the best

Something I've done during every test since high school, is to dress up! I know it may sound super weird, but I've found that when I wear clothes that make me feel sophisticated and put together, I do better on my exams. Some of my friends in high school did the same thing and they found out they did better too! Try it, it may make a difference for you too!

1.) Get a study buddy

After you've studied a fair amount on your own, getting together with classmates the night before the exam will really help solidify what you've learned. Having discussions, quizzing each other, and making memorizing games together will really help you remember the material! 

You are going to show those finals who's boss! Kick some booty this year!!! Good luck! ♡

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Here's a studying playlist, just for you!

I compiled some of my favorite songs on and pieces to listen to while I study. I can't listen to music with words in it, so most of this music is just classical, piano pieces, and some of my favorite film scores.

Click play!





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